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October 23, 2005



Wee how fun!^^
Oh but isn't the Balenciaga the same from the last post?^^


Yaay, more bags. Hey Bryan Boy, don't you have any more balenciaga pics? Or is this your fave? ;)


featuring my bag is very thrilling.
this is bryanboy! LOL.
buy the latest issue of australian vogue. as you can see, daria is on it (the first time i saw the cover i instantly thought of you!).


Either there's an overwhelming majority of men who carry handbags, or else there's a lot of women not honestly showing the contents of their purses: I haven't yet seen a single feminine hygeine product.


My Fendi hasn't been put up yet :( :( :(


sheesh. my gloves look huge. you people keep way more crap in your bag than i do. ¬¬


zandperl, with the advent of birth control, you no longer need to carry hygeine products except for during your off week! I know a lot of my university girlfriends don't carry anything with them except for during the off week because we are all on some kind of B.C. (YAY! No babies for me! <3)


Wow... what bag is that in the Australian Vogue pic?!?


More bags bryanboy?
i love this site buts it's been weeks! and i can't bear to look at that horid coach bag any longer!


do i spy a fake multicolore?!


Nope that multicolore speedy 30 is all real! trust me i'm expert on them (it's my favourite bag of all time!)

I agree with "Rah" GET RID OF THAT UGGGGGGLY COACH BAG! ugh coach should should just be burnt!


slick-nickie im not so sure. the colors look iffy to me. and the multicolore wallet looks fake to me as well. oh well, if you say so. bryan, any comments?


The coach is fake. Woof.


Yeah, that Coach bag and wallet are sure fakes. Notice the alignment of the Cs.


The Vuitton MC Speedy is real


chanel bag is fake, for sure.
MC bag looks weird to me.. the color is different from what've seen.

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