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March 23, 2007



BB..I SUPER- love you ...from Sherman Oaks (The Good Part ). I want the lady bug coin purse. KARL LAG! DO YOU LISTEN?


I love the D&G phione from motorola that is a must have in every bag...


theyre not that healthy!! quite a few swedes stick this disgusting thing called Snuff under their gums instead. its like a tiny teabag of moist tobacco that tastes like a dog's asshole.



It's called snus.. SNUS my dear...


oh come on everybody in sweden smokes! or maybe it's because I'm trying to quit? anyway, lots of people here do smoke. din svenska är helt okej, men jag tror inte det är du som skrivit *asg* ;)


Comeee oon ! lots and lots of people in sweden smokes! :D . If you ever come to visit, i´ll give you one :D

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